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Don’t freak out if you see a lot of pairs being added to the strategy. This is OK because Gunbot won’t trade all of them, don’t worry, that’s how the autoconfig controller is expected to behave. When enabled, the price trailing cannot trigger trades at rates lower than the current step size. This StepGrid setting ensures a minimum distance between orders. When you’re not in a position, the auto step size is smaller than when you’re in a trading position. You can choose between two-step size NEAR gunbot settings options — Auto and Manual, while the trailing price is fully automatic and takes place on every step, either up or down.

You can then start running Gunbot and it will handle the market analysis and trading for you. You can choose to receive notifications via Telegram for the trades Gunbot has made if you wish. The first step is to download Gunbot, unzip the file and launch it. After starting Gunbot, you can access the interface in your browser.

Gunbot StepGrid Strategy Supplemental Settings

Gunbot automates crypto users’ trades via preset trading strategies and rules on the platform. Once a user has made a trading plan with a list of exchanges to trade on, they need to install Gunbot on their computers or mobile devices. Following installation, the trader must create an account by choosing login details, verifying ownership, launching the software, and entering API keys for the exchanges. For both novice and experienced traders, Gunbot with lifetime licenses is the top crypto trading bot. Due to its superior customer support, Gunbot stands out among the other cryptocurrency bots.

SG Mutation project was born with the idea of creating a new and improved using Spot Grid strategy as base. The following video shows Gunbot running with one of the v2 SG Mutation variants. Since this video was recorded, many users have reported their results running SG Mutation strategy and recently SG Mutation v3 variants have been released. Always make sure to have the short pair before the long trading pair.

Supported exchanges

This review provides an in-depth analysis of the trading robot’s best features, how it works, and its pricing to help you decide if it’s worth using. Example strategies to inspire you are available in the strategy repository. Download historical data of the exchange and the markets your may want to trade with. Find the best parameters for your strategy using hyperoptimization which employs machining learning methods. You can optimize buy, sell, take profit , stop-loss and trailing stop-loss parameters for your strategy.

Is Gunbot Easy to Use?

Yes, the app is easy to use. With a hassle-free registration and explanation of all features available on the app, users can easily use this robot for trading.

Ultimately, we want to build the trading service of tomorrow, a service that is secure, responsible and accessible to all. Save time and seize new opportunities with crypto trading bots. Unleash your creativity and create your strategy with our 100% visual editor. Validate your strategies with instant backtests on more than 3 years of data and real-time simulations. We compared 4 cryptocurrency exchanges on which you can trade with TradeSanta with other exchanges in Top-10 by daily reported volume. There is a welcoming Gunbot community who are happy to support traders of all experience levels.

The solution to these is that traders now use crypto trading bots. Gunbot is a cryptocurrency trading robot tool for Binance and many more crypto exchanges. Using GunBot’s trading platform, investors can execute buy and sell orders in over 20 ways. The platform allows users to combine any method into a custom trading strategy. For example, traders can configure the bot to create a buy order according to the lower Bollinger Band and sell them according to the trailing stop/stop-loss method.

You may manage your Gunbot configuration dynamically using the AutoConfig toolkit. There are many more sophisticated pair filters available and with the help of filter rules that you create on your own, almost any part of configuration can be automated. This even makes it possible to automate certain components of a strategy, like trading with a dynamic gain target.

Select which pairs to trade, and configure the strategy to use. Settings can be changed at any time, as soon as you save changes it will be reflected in trading behavior. GunBot only sells a small number of licenses to the software to keep the market from becoming saturated with users using the same trading strategies.

  • Choose the trading pairs you want to use, set up your trading strategy using presets or custom parameters, and Gunbot will begin trading around-the-clock using those settings.
  • A few safeguards are possible with the add-on, like ensuring that sell orders occur above the break-even point and fulfill the exchange minimum trade volume.
  • The StepGrid strategy capitalizes on the predictability of the crypto markets, following the price range only without any other trading indicator.
  • Such strategies do not share the common settings parameters with other kinds of strategies in Gunbot.
  • If you have a specific trading strategy idea, Gunbot supports creating custom trading strategies in JavaScript, you can even bring your own modules to the table.

There are also other comprehensive bots that offer a lot of useful features and a lot more. Simplicity-complexity opposites require balancing to make a bot profitable and accessible. It has been a lot of work to ensure that everyone can benefit from the extensive offer, regardless of their skill level. 73% of retail investor accounts lose money trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. The Ethereum Merge and ETH Triple Halving are the hottest topics in the crypto community.

This websites solely acts as a service to our community in order to provide a platform for the exchange of these configurations. Buying with the Step gain strategy is also possible and also works with a range. You define a range below the EMA where the bot may buy; as soon as the trend changes from going down to going up, Gunbot buys.

Nefertiti™ doesn’t use any difficult-to-understand indicators, so no complex configuration is needed. Gunbot is a trading bot with in-built or custom trading strategies that can be automated. Unlike many other crypto trading bots, Gunbot doesn’t collect users’ trading data as it runs as a client on the users’ computers.

TradeSanta Review 2023: Is It the Best Bot to Trade? – CryptoNewsZ

TradeSanta Review 2023: Is It the Best Bot to Trade?.

Posted: Thu, 16 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

This bot offers an intuitive and easy setup process, with no credit card information or platform installation required. This means that you only pay when your placed trades ‘make’ liquidity in the market which also ‘takes’ liquidity from the market. If your trade is not matched immediately by an outstanding order on the books, you have to pay the maker fee. Gunbot Robot StatisticsPlease keep in mind that there can be absolutely no guarantee to how these strategies will perform. There are always significant risks involved with trading online.

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