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You casually meet a lot of people so it’s challenging, but if you can train yourself to remember people’s names, it makes them feel special and important. Carnegie writes, «Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.» Dale Carnegie wrote it in a very different time (and not to mention, a very different world), yet it’s amazing how relevant the lessons in this book remain today. This technique of giving titles and authority worked
for Napoleon and it will work for you.

Be it care or affection, this moon maiden is all about nurturing their beloved and supporting her by becoming her durable backbone. On the other hand, Aquarians are sometimes selfish and can never stop receiving love and attention, no matter how exhausted Cancer women can turn out to be. Faith is the building ground of any love relationship.

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In the mid-eighteen-hundreds, a group of psychologists,
philosophers, and religious leaders formed what they called the school
of New Thought. They believed in the power of “mind-cures,” in the
efficacy of determination and grit. To really figure out if your male friend likes you, pay attention to how he’s changed over the past month or two.

Chautauqua was a social movement that could be described as an assembly with a lineup of inspirational speakers, reformers, and entertainers. He later moved to New York City and began life as an actor. Yet, his dream of being a part of Chautauqua never ceased. Perhaps what will be most appealing, though, is everyone can take something away from it to apply either personally or professionally – making this a must-read for this digital age we live in. Carnegie tries to show how, despite helpful efficiency and exciting new technological advancements, it is still important and beneficial to hold personal one-on-one conversations with people.

The big secret of dealing with people

We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity. “A barber lathers a man before he shaves him.” Sometimes it is necessary to be a critic or give someone a difficult answer. The cushion for this pain–the dentist’s Novocaine for an unpleasant but necessary drilling–should be honest praise and appreciation. When he saw the letter, Shields was so upset, that he challenged Lincoln to a duel. In the weeks leading up to the duel, Lincoln was so scared that he could barely sleep.

If you are right more than 50% of the time, then why don’t you work on Wall Street? Ask questions if you truly think you are right, and the person will usually come over through their own thought processes. Allow yourself to understand the other person, even (or especially) if they are wrong. Don’t you remember countless times when you achieved something or put a lot of energy into a project only to be met with silence? Dinner was great, the yard looks nice, great job on that assignment!

If you and your friends go out to eat, and you get food poisoning, you do not need your friends to agree that the food served at the restaurant was problematic for you. Your own experience of getting food poisoning is all the validation you need. Therefore, taking time to be right is essentially wasted, and if you were unkind in seeking validation for your food-poison experience, now you’ve really lost points. However, in the quest to be “right,” we can hurt other people and arouse resentment in others. Once we’ve hurt someone by being unkind, it is much harder to get them to listen to what we’re trying to influence them to do. This inevitably has a positive influence on those around you.

At one time I rented the grand ballroom of a certain New York hotel for twenty
nights in each season in order to hold a series of lectures. At the beginning
of one season, I was suddenly informed that I should have to pay almost three
times as much rent as formerly. This news reached me after the tickets had been
printed and distributed and all announcements had been made. If you hadn’t wanted that feeling more than you wanted your money, you would not
have made the contribution. Of course, you might have made the contribution
because you were ashamed to refuse or because a customer asked you to do it.

A person’s name is a very powerful thing – it’s an embodiment of that person’s identity. So remembering and using someone’s name is a great way to make that person feel important. Carnegie tells a story of a computer department manager who was desperately trying to recruit a PhD for his department. He finally found the perfect candidate, but the boy also had offers from much larger and better known companies. When the boy told the manager that he was choosing his company, the manager asked why.

Going out and being in people’s space also helps us to understand human interaction better and adjust our behavior to participate in the process actively. If you hide, you cannot sharpen or learn good skills to win friends and sustain good relationships. Some of the best places to make friends are social events like clubs, community meetings, volunteer exercises, religious or sports groups, social activities in school or workplace, etcetera. People connect and bond faster with other people when they work together.

Despite the undeniable impact and popularity of “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” the book has faced its fair share of criticism over the years. In this section, we will address common criticisms and provide counterarguments to shed light on the continuing relevance and value of Carnegie’s teachings. To effectively apply the principles from the book, it’s essential to internalize the teachings and practice them consistently in your daily interactions. Published in 1936, this timeless classic has sold over 30 million copies and remains one of the best-selling self-help books ever. Welcome to the weekly Confident Communication newsletter designed for non-native speakers who want to elevate their Business English.

I had to leave at that point because tears were coming to my eyes. As Chris
walked out of class that day, seemingly two inches taller, he looked at me with
bright blue eyes and said in a positive voice, «Thank you, Mr.
Rowland.» Chris was a very quiet, shy boy lacking in self-confidence, the kind of student that
often does not receive the attention he deserves. I also teach an advanced
class that had grown to be somewhat of a status symbol and a privilege for a
student to have earned the right to be in it.

Steinmetz, a genius of the first
magnitude when it came to electricity, was a failure as
the head of the calculating department. They
made him Consulting Engineer of the General Electric
Company – a new title for work he was already doing –
and let someone else head up the department. Asking questions not only makes an order more palatable;
it often stimulates the creativity of the persons
whom you ask. People are more likely to accept an order
if they have had a part in the decision that caused the
order to be issued.